Review: Lazy Raiders

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a tomb explorer by sliding round corners finding treasure on your butt? Me neither, but apparently game developer Sarbakan has, and the end product of it all is Xbox Live Arcade title Lazy Raiders and if you are wondering what it’s about, read the first sentence again.

Lazy Raiders takes a new incentive in which there is a board maze, and by using either the controller thumbsticks or the left and right triggers, you can turn the maze left and right in order to navigate your tomb dweller throughout to solve several puzzles in order to get to the Golden Pickaxe. Obviously, there are going to be a few obstacles in your path that will stop you from achieving your goal and getting maximum treasure. By obstacle, I mean giant boulders, two form bats and the occasional devil that will hurt you if you make contact. Why would someone put all this in a tomb? God knows why, but you’ll have to put up with it.

The controls are about as simple as Splosion Man, but with simplicity comes a great deal of thought and challenge. Sure, you can just fly on through running into every trap and get to the Golden Pickaxe, but where’s the challenge in that? To achieve maximum money and reap bigger rewards, you’ll need to complete mazes as quickly as possible, with no deaths and get any bonus treasure you may find along the way. This can get frustrating very quickly if you are trying to do this; almost as frustrating as trying to complete Inferno II on Extreme difficulty in Trials HD, but this is what makes a game worth playing time after time. You have the ability to flip the maze, this is necessary to get to certain spots however this will also change a number of things on the maze too. This can range from enemies changing their forms to doors opening and closing; this will make you think before you act.

Overall, the game has 75 levels based around three different landscapes, each map being unique and challenging in its own way. However after that, that’s it. There is no cooperative or competitive multiplayer because it just wouldn’t work in a game like this. 75 levels should be more than enough to keep you entertained, but unless you’re a completionist, this will not satisfy for very long. There aren’t any different modes or special challenges in the game, but anything is possible with downloadable content, provided they make it for the game, otherwise it’s just a case of getting the best possible scores on each of the levels so you can boast about it on the Leaderboards.

The graphics are pretty standard, there isn’t anything that’ll make you go ‘OMG’ or anything that can stand up to any major XBLA titles, but it doesn’t matter much in a 2.5D game, where you are simply tilt a maze. Even so, they are still pretty decent and are satisfying enough for a game that costs roughly £6. But don’t expect amazement. There are the standard 12 achievements in the game as always, some of which will take vigorous playing to achieve and there’s even one for killing yourself with every trap. I got that one without even trying. What’s cool is that you unlock an Avatar Outfit as soon as you buy and start up the game, and then by doing another thing you can unlock the hat. It should be the other way around in my opinion, a bigger reward for doing something more worth while.

Lazy Raiders is a fun little, challenging distraction for those who like puzzling difficulty. Probably isn’t a good idea to go sliding around on your rear though, I tried and it hurts.

Review Score: 7.0

Reviewer: Ben Gray


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