Review: Mass Effect 2 – Kasumi’s Stolen Memory

It seems that the days of free Mass Effect 2 content through the Cerberus Network have vanished, with the first proper paid add on for the game releasing, Kasumi’s Stolen Memory. In the past with free content we have had vehicular missions, armour and weapons, but will BioWare’s first paid content for the game make players want to spend their cash?

For 560 Microsoft Points, you will get a brand new squad member, Kasumi Goto, a brand new loyalty mission and a new sub machine gun. Kasumi Goto has probably the deepest back story out of the majority of the squad members in Mass Effect 2, one in which will unravel throughout the loyalty mission and be resolved in the end in quite an emotional matter. Kasumi has some cool tricks up her sleeve, such as turning invisible and appearing behind enemies for an assassination. You will see her use this power a lot throughout the mission, both in combat and in cutscenes.

The loyalty mission starts as a James Bond style mission, going undercover at a dinner party to retrieve an item for Kasumi. It will require you to keep people interested in dialogue, as having a high Paragon or Renegade skill will benefit you. You will have to find DNA to get into a safe and also remove its shield by following a wire throughout the mansion to find the hidden switch. This mission is pretty unique from the other missions you would have played in Mass Effect 2. Kasumi will guide you throughout the mission, staying hidden whilst retrieving data.

After a while you will get caught out and after getting what you came for you will have to fight your way out of the mansion through a new set of rooms against Eclipse Troopers. One noticeable thing is that Eclipse Troopers can now throw these stun grenades which can freeze your vision temporarily, something which wasn’t in the game before. The free Arc Projector weapon will come in pretty useful in this content, as you will normally find enemies camping in rows or spawning in groups.

The final boos fight is pretty cool, you get to see Kasumi do some sweet ninja stuff to a gunship. I have yet to try out the new sub machine gun, as Soldiers cannot wield them, one of the few restrictions of this content. Also, Kasumi doesn’t have dialogue outside of this mission, which is a disappointment seeing as she is a character with a past.

Kasumi’s Stolen Memory is a pretty good add-on, adding an interesting squad member with a exciting loyalty mission, possibly the best loyalty mission out of all of the squad members in Mass Effect 2, however the length of the DLC will only take you an hour to complete and doesn’t add much on after that. It doesn’t quite live up to the price tag but if you loved Mass Effect 2 you will surely love this add on as much as I did.

Review Score: 8.0

Reviewer: Ben Gray


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