Review: Modern Warfare 2 – Stimulus Package

Are you suffering from Mapathy? If so, Infinity Ward have attempted to develop the cure, as one of the biggest entertainment releases of all time gets it’s first piece of downloadable content exclusively on Xbox Live until May 4th, the Stimulus Package. Offering five maps in this £10 add on, there are three brand new maps, Bailout, Storm and Salvage. The other two maps are Call of Duty 4 fan favourites Crash and Overgrown. But are these five maps enough to make value for money? The price tag of this content has definitely been a controversial issue.

Let’s take a look at Salvage. Salvage is a snow map, dotted around with warehouses and homes amongst a giant scrapyard of debris. There are all sorts of routes throughout the map to get to each side so you won’t feel that the only route you can take is being watched by an eager sniper. Players have been quick to find effective camp spots for gametypes such as Search and Destroy, where players camp on second levels of buildings out of overlooking windows, and there is even a dog house you can crawl into to get some sneaky kills. The only thing is that the dog house is a pain to get out of, having to go prone through the smallest bit of geometry. Overall, Salvage is a fairly good map that works well on most gametypes and you’ll have a good time with.

Next up is Bailout. This map feels fresh and unique, where you can either go across the roads for a quick route to your destination; however you are very exposed to gunfire, or take a side route through blocks of flats and buildings to get a tactical advantage on the enemy. There are a number of things about this map however that players will get annoyed with. For instance, on Demolition one of the targets is right next to your base when you’re defending and is very easy to defend, whilst the other is right next to the attacking base, meaning that even if a defender were to sprint as soon as they spawn to that target it is very likely that attackers will arm it first. Plus, cover has been made to the height that a person can only see their head whereas the person in cover has free will to shoot at them as they like. A fairly average map.

Finally out of the three brand new maps there is Storm. Storm is set in a bunch of interconnected warehouses surrounded by mazes of containers. I didn’t get to play this map a lot as it didn’t appear in Matchmaking however it is a fairly good close quarter’s map for fans of shotguns. The gametype I played it on, Domination, was annoying as some of the targets were overlooked by walkways and windows making it hard to get anywhere near the target and to take out the people in these walkways you would need to venture far from your target. Still, it’s a pretty fun map to play and I think the community will enjoy this one,

Crash and Overgrown are pretty much identical to how they were in Call of Duty 4. Overgrown is still a paradise for snipers whilst Crash is great for gametypes such as Headquarters and Team Deathmatch. One of the very few problems with Overgrown is that on Capture the Flag, one of the flag spawns is undercover whilst the other isn’t. This was not a problem in Call of Duty 4, however now that Modern Warfare 2 has a variety of killstreaks the siding can get a bit biased at times. These are still great maps to play on and I’m sure Call of Duty 4 fans will love them.

Overall, buying Stimulus Package is purely a case of how much you play and love Modern Warfare 2. Any players who still play the game regularly to date will like the new additions and should definitely consider investing into these maps. However, players who only play it occasionally and are still frustrated by the game should only buy it if they think they will stick to it. After playing these maps, I do still think that the price tag was a little bit too high however the maps are still satisfying to play and will give players something new to do.

Score: 7.5

Reviewer: Ben Gray


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