Yay! A blog I will actually use.

Oh hello there, strange reader that was probably a victim to my mind control powers through the use of Twitter.

As you can see I have a new blog. It’s cool and unprofessional, just like me! Any articles, reviews etc taht I post will also be posted here. Unlike on GameNoob, you will actually be able to read them without the server crashing. Still having a facepalm moment over that one.

So please enjoy my blog which I will update from time to time, and leave some comments either saying how you like me or how you want to teabag my dead body until I respawn. Up to you.

Goodbye, I’ll miss you. We barely knew each other!

Ben Gray.


Owner of Sir Om Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom. Eat that Capcom.


About subjectxen

Tweeter, Xbox 360 Gamer, Gaming News Writer and Reviewer.
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