A Return to Halo 3

Oh hello mystery reader.

Yesterday, I travelled bck to my Xbox 360 roots to play the first game I had on my Xbox 360; Halo 3. This would seem like a good time to play it, because the old Xbox Live is ending today making Halo 2 unplayable online, and it’s only a few weeks until the Halo: Reach beta.

When I went back to this game I had a full download queue of map content to be downloaded. The online community for this game is amazing and is still going strong nearly 3 years after the game released. This is all thanks to online communitys such as ForgeHub and HaloTracks which keep this game alive, a community of forgers who build some expertley crafted maps using advanced techniques. I remember when I used to do this an be a part of ForgeHub, those were good times.

Anyway, I’m not really a fan on Halo 3’s matchmaking, I tend to stay towards the Custom Games/Forge side of things, but I decided what the hell. I went into a game of Team SWAT, and then had a flashback to what Team SWAT was like. After coming out of my flashback, I was in a game where the other team couldn’t stop tapping the A button and would spray their Battle Rifle at you until you were dead. Team SWAT, not for me.

So then I went and had a game of team Snipers. Then I realised that out of the blue I suddenly had this amazing talent at sniping, getting headshots, no scopes, whatever. I reckon I must have developed this through Bad Company 2. Only problem is the crosshair on this Sniper is pinpoint accurate and very small. BANK SHOT!

I decided to brag my Recon Armour about, so I put it on. Then I realised that since Halo 3: ODST released, about half of the online community had and were wearing Recon Armour, so much like it was going out of fashion. Oh yeah, I remember getting the Endure achievement. What a ***** of an achievement to get.

And after messing about on Forge and playing a few games of my favourite mode and map; Hobo Showers on Hobo Heights (don’t ask) I came off, thinking at how balanced Halo 3 is as a game. Sometimes a lack of weapons can be a good thing.

Goodbye, more soon. =)


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