Volcanic Ash cloud annoys Scottish People

Woke up this morning feeling like a hippie (Don’t ask) and walked downstairs and switched the TV on. When BBC News flickered on the screen, I was shocked to see. This is the most terrifying thing that can happen. This will disrupt our country forever. Someone replaced Bill on the news with that Simon bloke! Stay with your financial business! BRING BACK BILL!

Oh yeah, and then there was this whole Volcanic Ash cloud that was the result of me dusting my Xbox a volcano explosion in Iceland. Iceland. Of all places, Iceland. Then I realised that they weren’t talking about the supermarket branch and then thought “END OF THE WORLD”. So I’ve been sitting here all day, waiting for this ash cloud to fly past and turn us all into frozen Pompeii corpses. It didn’t.

Instead, Scotland have had to put up with it all day, cancelling all flights across the country and not letting any flights into british airspace. Yes, we were in one big quarantine. What’s next; zombie apocalypse? PILLS HERE!

Then I realised that there was a LOT of volcanic ash in the recent Gears of War 3 trailer, so I thought that Epic Games had gone and sent us one big ash cloud as part of some publicity stunt to recreate the trailer. I don’t think Scotland was in the trailer.

I made a joke about it on Twitter and it got retweeted by 35 people (GASP), one of which was Lead Designer at Epic Games, Cliff Blezinski (YES I got his name right this time). Happy face.

And that just pretty much sums up my day, apart from playing some more Halo 3 and returning to Battlefield 1943, which I have improved at since playing Bad Company 2. Seems that game is benefiting me in a lot of ways lately.

Thanks for reading. I want ash.


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One Response to Volcanic Ash cloud annoys Scottish People

  1. isn’t it spelled Bleszinski?

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