Gaming Sites and Twitter

Hello all.

Pretty much all gaming sites have a Twitter account, where they will tweet whenever something new is added to their site. It is also a place where they will talk with the community and do giveaways. The question is, should giveaways just be for your existing followers? People use giveaways in order to boost their followers. Shouldn’t people be getting publicity for their site by writing great articles instead of just bribing people with prizes to make their site popular?

Occasionally I get the odd code for Xbox Live which I giveaway on Twitter. But in the past year I’ve been on it, I’ve found out that winners and participants are much more appreciative of your contests when it’s simple and on the dot, not something you constantly spam retweets for so that you get more followers. Which is why my giveaways now are simple trivia or a DM phrase, meaning that I do gain som interest from others in the process, but I satisfy the dedicators, the people who have been following me for ages and reply and talk to me. Not just some random gamers who are looking for free stuff and couldn’t give two s**** about your site.

So when I see retweets in my timeline where “We will give out x when we get to x followers!”, what’s the point. Are you getting your site more attention, or just your Twitter account more attention? I’ve tried this in the past and all I find is that I get followers who don’t even talk, only enter compos and nothing else, or unfollow as soon as the giveaway is over. It’s ridiculous, giveaways should be for existing followers, if newcomers wanna have a slice of the giveaway, they need to actually read their friend’s timelines.

What are your thoughts on Twitter gveaways where they farm for followers? Please comment and discuss.


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2 Responses to Gaming Sites and Twitter

  1. jamietarren says:

    First Look Reviews tries to vary it’s giveaways by doing a variety of DM phrases and retweet messages. Both ways do gain followers in the process and many of our winners have responded to say thanks and show their support towards us by registering to our forums and regularly checking back. But I do see your point, as I’m sure regular giveaways from particular sites are just being used by most for free stuff rather than any support for the site itself.

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