This isn’t Hardcore UNO!

OK seriously. This is just strange in all kinds of ways. What gets you banned on Xbox Live until the year 9999? Just what the hell could you do so badly on Live that would get you banned for that long. Oh yeah, apparantley someone has found the answer. In UNO.

A father of a son whose Xbox Live account was suspended until 31/12/9999 was looking for answers on the Official Xbox Forums about the suspension without notification. What better person to find out than the father, TC57UK.

After asking, the moderator replied with this;

Your son was exposing himself on camera in UNO.

Yikes, that reaction must’ve been priceless. Hey, your porn star wannabe son just flashed his privates on camera to a child of four looking for a friendly gameof UNO. That little kid will never be the same again.

Heck, this happens all the time on Burnout Paradise. I got a takedown on someone so they quickly undo their zipper and BOOM, Mugshot! No wonder he got took down, that’s not compatible with an Xbox 360!

Could you just imagine being in a fun game with your friends, for someone to then come into your game and do that? Seriously, what does he gain? Yes, we do not want to know the size of your… let’s call it a PS Move.


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One Response to This isn’t Hardcore UNO!

  1. I saw that conversation! People are such morons.

    I like the “PS Move” line. Wish I’d thought of it.

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