The Passing; May contain zombie nuts and spoilers.

Nobody survives forever.

If you were too lazy to read the large bold title, this is your final warning that this post contains spoilers about the plot and details of The Passing.

Well, for starters, this ain’t a review. This is me basically talking about what I thought and the surprises of the DLC. Overall, whilst it was fairly short it was very enjoyable and I loved my return to the game. I’d say for 560 Microsoft Points, it was definitely worth the money.

Now the big question surrounding the content, was which of the original survivors from Left 4 Dead died? I can tell you that I did not expect it to be this person, out of the four characters. It. Was. Bill. When I saw the trailer, I was pretty sure that Francis wasn’t going to die, and when I was greeted by Zoey atop the bridge at the start (its random out of three characters, the appearance at the start) it narrowed it down to two. They say that they have lost a man and another is injured. So it was either Louis dead and Bill injured or Louis injured and Bill dead. The latter is correct.

You don’t get to go near the survivors, they don’t walk around and help you out. In the finale, they sit and give cover fire on a balcony whilst you run around trying to collect the gas cans for the generator, to get across the bridge back to your car, to then drive off. The L4D survivors don’t come with you, they say that they’d stay and that they’ve had enough of the military. Also, in a room next to the generator, you can see Bill’s corpse, dead and holding an M16. Judging by the blood trail, he was dragged in there.

Of course, eventually a comic will be released on Xbox Live showing how Bill died. However it happened, it was in an effort to raise the bridge. Then L4D1 DLC will be released showing the events before Bill’s death. I like how Valve do their DLC. I think the next DLC should be an encounter with the Midnight Riders, whose new tracks feature in this DLC, in the form of jukeboxes and huge speakers that piss off the bride Witch.

There is a poll in the new blog post feature of the game’s main menu. It asks which is your favorite Left 4 Dead 2 character. Choose wisely, this could affect some parts of future games or upcoming DLC. That’s just my opinion. Maybe they’ll kill off the least favorite character?

I love the references to PopCap Games’ Plants vs Zombies and Capcom’s Dead Rising in the DLC, in the form of graffiti on the walls. Keep up the good work Valve. Next stop, Portal 2.


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4 Responses to The Passing; May contain zombie nuts and spoilers.

  1. Amaranth says:

    i keep getting Francis on the bridge platform,the way that Nick (my character) and Francis don’t like each other is hilarious!!

  2. beckyreviews says:

    Interesting article. Really informative. Makes me tempted to actually buy L4D!


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