Bad Company 2: 30 Levels Later

Bad Company 2.

So here I am about a month after release, and in Battlefield: Bad Company 2’s multiplayer I have reached Level 30, out of the 50 levels in the game. It took a very, very long time, mostly because there is no Prestige option in Battlefield Games so they have to make it a long climb.

Believe me when I say, once you hit Level 23, it starts to get boring. By about Level 25, you should have achieved all the unlocks unless you’ve been dedicated to playing as one or two classes. Most of the awards take forever and require you to play out of your comfort zone to get, and even then you only get about 5000 points per award, which really doesn’t help when you need about 150000 experience to the next rank.

So I think that Battlefield Bad Company 2 provides a more fun and entertaining experience for the first part, but doesn’t keep players interested unless you are dedicated to it.


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