Four Things not to do with Armor Abilities in the Halo Reach Beta

Om Nom Nom!

Here are three incredibly stupid yet funny things you shouldn’t do in the Halo: Reach Beta which put shame on you and give your body a reason to be teabagged to the extreme.

1) Armor Lock with the Flag whilst an enemy is nearby

Let’s imagine a common scenario. You have got the flag on a gametype like Capture the Flag or Stockpile, and an enemy is chasing you, shooting your armor as you try to desperatley get away to safety. What you should do is drop that flag and attempt to kick that spartan’s ass. But what you should not do, is use Armor Lock. What happens when you use an Armor Ability whilst holding an objective? You drop it. So whilst you’re sitting there happy as Larry in your invulnreable spot, your opponent decides to pick up the flag you just dropped. As soon as you get out of Armor Lock, BOOM, in the face with the flag. Mission failed.

I’ll upload a video example of this soon which you can download to your Reach File Share, and see exactly what happens.

2) Use the Elite’s Evade Ability near a cliff on Powerhouse

At the moment, until Invasion and Generator Defense are added to the playlists, the only ability Elites have is Evade. This is a simple roll in one direction that is useful for evading grenades or enemy fire fast. However, let’s imagine you are in an intense firefight with enemies near the cliff on Powerhouse, and they start spamming you with Plasma Grenades. You evade like crazy, but its probably a good idea not to roll off the cliff. It’s just hilarious, so be aware of your surroundings.

3) Use the Active Camo when not necessary

The Active Camoflauge ability is extremely useful in enemy strongholds; being unseen whilst scrambling their radars so they can’t detect where you are. However, let’s say you are about to attack the enemy base with three of your teammates. The building isn’t very big so your radar covers most of it. Turning on  Active Camo not only screws up your radar, but your enemies and teammates radar too, so if they are all in camping spots and you turn that on, it’s like running into a battle blindfolded.

4)  Use the Jetpack when the enemy team has the Plasma Launcher

Let’s make this short. The Plasma Launcher shoots four homing plasma grenades when fully charged, so if you’re up there dancing around in open sky, you’ll be their next target. And then the Janitor will get mad at all the meaty chunks everywhere and quit. You wouldn’t want the Janitor to quit now, would you? Good, then be careful.

So there you have it. Try not to do this.


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