Halo Reach Beta Starts Today!


Powerhouse, one of four maps in the beta.

As you all know, the Halo Reach Beta finally kicks off today! It should start very soon. You must fire up your ODST Disc, then download the beta from the Main Menu (when it launches), then start playing!

There will be three playlists at launch. Slayer Arena is for the more competitive players and gives a taste of what the Season Ranking is like. Then there’ Grab Bag which is a fun mixture of Slayer and Objective gametypes featuring the new mode Stockpile, and then Free For All which features the new mode Headhunter.

Invasion will be added to the playlists this Friday, May 7th, which is a three vs three, Spartans vs. Elites objective mode, then Generator Defense will be added to the playlists next Friday, May 14th, which is also a three vs three, Spartans vs Elites objective mode.

The beta will end on May 19th, so play as much as you can and no, your rank and armor unlocks will not carry over into the retail version of Halo Reach.

Have fun, feel free to play the beta with me anytime over Live, my Gamertag is Xenoliath.


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