Brink, Rage and Fallout New Vegas screens crash land on the Interwebs

Bethesda have blown us away with the release of lots of screenshots from their upcoming titles; Brink, Rage and Fallout New Vegas.

Get ready, as what you’ll see below is pure awesome.

Fallout New Vegas

Fallout New Vegas - Helios Power Station Death Ray
That’s gonna leave a mark.
Fallout New Vegas - Companion Wheel
It’s not the Companion Cube, it’s the Companion Wheel!
Fallout New Vegas - Dinky the Dinosaur
Wait until he realises the dinosaur’s not fake.
Fallout New Vegas - Pip Boy Dice
Take a gamble in this next installment.
Fallout New Vegas - Brotherhood Helios
The Brotherhood of Steel are back.
Fallout New Vegas - Hoover Dam
The Hoover Damn supplies Vegas with its electricity.
Fallout New Vegas - Robot Attack
They seemed so friendly in the teaser trailer.
Fallout New Vegas - Vegas Skyline
Check out the Vegas skyline.
Fallout New Vegas - Wasteland
Scavengers travel the wastes.
Fallout New Vegas - Abandoned Lands
Are you ready to encounter the wastes?



Brink - Sniper
Intense action in this shooter.
Brink - No Mercy
There is no mercy.
Brink - Supressing Fire
Co-op will play a major role in the game.
Brink - Vault
Will SMART revolutionize the way we play games?



Rage - Brutality
Yep, he’s pissed.
Rage - Enemies
Two can be as bad as one. Worse.
Rage - Insanity
As you’ve guessed, everyone is pretty much insane.
Rage - Kola Kong
You read the sign – NO PEEING!
Rage - The Town
The game has similarities to Borderlands.


Now you can exhale.


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