Invasion drops tomorrow in Halo Reach Beta

Tired of playing Sword Base and Powerhouse in the Halo Reach Beta over and over again? Already wanting more gametypes and maps? Well it just so happens, you’re in luck.

Tomorrow, Halo Reach Beta’s playlists will update, adding the new game mode Invasion to the playlists, a three vs three, Spartans vs Elites, attack and defense style game mode. Spartans must protect targets whilst Elites must spend 20 seconds inside each target to take it.

Also tomorrow, a new map will be added exclusively for this gametype; Boneyard. According to Bungie, it is the biggest map they have ever made for a Halo game. It will certainly not be one to miss.

Check it out when they drop sometime tomorrow, and don’t forget that Generator Defense and Overlook are added next Friday.


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