Reach Beta Thoughts: Powerhouse

So, let’s see, until about 7pm tonight, there are still only two maps in the Halo Reach Beta that you’ve probably played over and over again. But let’s be honest, they are fairly good maps. Yes, there are spawns that need to be fixed, especially on 1 Flag CTF on Sword Base with the frag spamming, which you’ve all come to know and love! Not.

But Powerhouse is actually a pretty damn good map. It poses advantages and disadvantages for all different armour abilities, and the vertical slope of the map makes it fairly ok for objective gametypes. I say fairly, because it can be annoying trying to get the objective out of the enemy base. It resembles a smaller High Ground ion some ways.

What I don’t like about this map is the amount of powerful weapons on this map. Grenade Launcher can stay, Rockets are a bit iffy, Gravity Hammer is not OK, especially in objective gametypes, and what were Bungie thinking when they thought that the Focus Beam is a Sniper Rifle? I would encourage replacing it with a sniper.

Other than that, I don’t have much else to say. I’ll do Boneyard and Sword Base soon, stay tuned. And will also analyse new gametypes.


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