Batman AA2 secret hidden in original game

You can be surprised at what you’ll find by having a five minute snoop around the Official Xbox Forums. User ‘xxWOLFxx TFD’ has uncovered that Rocksteady recently revealed in a recent podcast that there was still one secret in Batman Arkham Asylum that no one had yet discovered.

In Batman Arkham Asylum 2, the trailer shows that the inmates have relocated to Gotham City for their new asylum. But what Rocksteady have revealed, is that the blueprints for this new asylum are hidden in the original game. The user has described how to find the blueprints;

Go to Warden Sharps office and stand where Zsasz was holding Dr Young, now turn north and start plastering the centre of the wall with Explosive Gel, this can take a while so just keep going.

Wait for the dust to settle and venture in to find Warden Sharps “private” office, ignore the newspapers, the real stuff is in the far end of the room.

The blueprints contain plans to move the asylum into Gotham City, with a stamp saying “Arkham Approved”. Pictures of never before seen locations are included, some of which could be clues to new areas in the sequel. There are also plans for a massive steel plant to be built. Interesting…

Seems that Rocksteady already had a sequel in mind when creating Arkham Asylum. I love it when developers put in secrets to find. Congratulations to the user who found this, as without him we probably would have forgotten.

Link to the original thread on the Official Xbox Forums


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