Talking Tap Tap Revenge; artist preferences

The highly popular and free Tap Tap Revenge 3 on iPod Touch and iPhone has expanded by releasing individual games based around an artist, for instance, Tap Tap Coldplay, Kings of Leon Revenge, and the one I dislike, Justin Bieber Revenge. That’s all good, but what other artists could be done?

Now there’s one big problem for Tapulous when it comes to getting tracks on Tap Tap Revenge or individual games; licensing. If they can’t get the licensing for that artist, they can’t use their songs. But let’s imagine that licensing wasn’t needed, and that any artist was available to do an individual game or track pack on; who would you do?

My two personal favorites would have to be Paramore and Pendulum. They have the tracks and beats to easily create Tap Tracks for, as they both have a wide variety of songs. For Paramore I would probably pick Ignorance and Misery Business, and there’s absolutely loads for Pendulum, so I’d pick Propane Nightmares and Watercolour, even though there are dozens more tracks you could pick.

What artist would you like to see featured in a Tapulous game?


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