Five things I want to see in Mirror’s Edge 2

In my opinion, Mirror’s Edge was underrated and didn’t get the attention it deserved. It was truly a unique game, taking a genre and turning it into something awesome. Free running in first person? Yes please. There have been a few rumours and hints flying around that they are working on a sequel, but it has yet to be confirmed. Hopefully we’ll see it at E3. But in the meantime, I’m going to talk about five of the many things I want to see in the sequel. If there is one.

 Number One: Something Less White

The city in Mirror’s Edge wasn’t very colourful. Yes, I love the idea that objects you can perform manuevers on glow red in contrast to the white to make it visible and clear on where you should go, but what about having a grittier, darker city, with properly textured rooftops? The inside of buildings were fine and could stay how they were, but it would be nice to see a change in scenery to give the game more depth.

Number Two: Linear is not the only way

Mirror’s Edge was a fairly linear game and there were a few occasions where you got to travel off the beaten path. It would be a major challenge for DICE, but why not have an open world, city Sandbox game. It would be advisable to let people onto the streets if this were to happen, or the game would turn out like the old Spiderman games. An open city to explore, but may come with the expense of less pulse pounding, adrenaline chase missions. A cost to pay for the better?

Number Three: Runners, that’s plural

Multiplayer. This has been one of the heavily rumoured points about the sequel, and I predict that this could either turn out very good or very bad. The good thing would be the ability to play the story in Co-op, or have a separate campaign tailored for multiplayer. Maybe timed challenges would be cool, or perhaps puzzles where you must work cooperatively to reach higher points? Competitive would have to be experimental, perhaps Brink will teach us that. The bad way it could turn out is like Zeno Clash’s co-op, where attacks wouldn’t register and it would become laggy very fast. Either way, it would be a welcomed addition.

Number Four: BACKFLIPS!

The ability to get around more in combat would make encounters more exciting, doing some crazy gymnastics like backflips or Morpheus-style flying kicks. Combined with the environment, this could work very well. IT would work similarly to how the crazy ninjas worked in the first game, where they would flip around like crazy to evade. The joy of shouting “DO A BARREL ROLL!” when jumping off a high ledge would add comedy value.

Number Five: Weapons of Mass Destruction

A wider variety of weapons would be great, such as shotguns and other types that would have given a little more edge to the mirror in the predecessor. See what I did there? Sigh. I was never good at puns. Similar to Zeno Clash, smacking an enemy around the face with the end of your gun or throwing it at them to stun or break their guard would also be interesting to add-on top of combos.

And that’s it. I could probably go on forever but they are just five main points I wanted to make. Thanks for reading and keep your fingers crossed for an announcement at this year’s E3.


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3 Responses to Five things I want to see in Mirror’s Edge 2

  1. Lee :P says:

    I agree with all of that especially the multiplayer bit … i would love to do a backflip of someones head 😛 … the only thing i would add (which you havent already said) is better cut scene graphics, yeah it was a nice, kookey change to the normal stuff but i think they should kick it up a knoch. BAMM!!!

  2. Crimm says:

    Less frustrating. There were times in Mirror’s Edge 1, where I would have to attempt a spin around jump + spin around jump + bounce off the wall + jump off that ledge + back to the wall.

    Very frustrating and actually caused me to never finish the game. I understand putting in a challenge, but there are some areas in that game, where I’d rather jump myself off a building.

    I may pick #1 again some time soon and try to finish it, and see if I can get hooked again for #2.

  3. JoshUK says:

    I loved Mirror’s Edge. Some good points raised. I really hope there is an announcement at E3.

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