The games that cease to release

I can name a few games off the top of my head, that are apparently in development but have had no news on for years and it seems that they will never see the light of day.

Duke Nukem Forever. More like Duke Nukem Never.

Half Life 2: Episode Three. As Gabe would say, “No comment”.

Elder Scrolls V. TBH, I found the first one a bit boring, walking for ages.

Can you think of any games that follow a similar trend?


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One Response to The games that cease to release

  1. Crimm says:

    This Zero Punctuation video of Duke Nukem Forever is a must watch:


    I’d like to see a Starcraft MMO as much as I’ll probably be hated for that 😛
    I also hope Diablo 3 doesn’t stall out, because that would be another good one.

    Another game I’d like to see is a re-make of Battlefield 2142 for the XBOX 360. That game was awesome, but I never liked FPS’s on the PC.

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