Call of Duty Black Ops: OXM details crammed into bullet points

Just received my latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine UK, with some juicy new details and screens on Treyarch’s upcoming installment to the Call of Duty series, Black Ops. Can they raise the bar that Modern Warfare 2 set so high? Here’ s a summary of new details that appeared in the magazine.

  • You play as a member of the Studies and operations group (SOG). Basically you are CIA sanctioned badasses calling your own shots.
  • It has the graphical enhancements from Modern Warfare 2, but has a “five o’clock shadow, dirt under the fingernails” feel to it.
  • Dragon Breath incendiary ammo and explosive tipped arrows will be available to use in the game.
  • You can fly helicopters in the game, firing miniguns and missiles. Will it be an improvement or failure over Battlefield’s choppers?
  • You can swim. Nuff’ said.
  • You will be able to rappel down buildings, to then kick unaware enemy ass, making a mess while you’re at it.
  • Crossbows will be in the game, working similar to snipers and will take advantage of the explosive tipped ammo.
  • Vehicles will return in multiplayer, but not in the way you remember them from Call of Duty: World at War.
  • There will be dedicated co-op with separate levels, although Treyarch did a backflip over a question regarding Nazi Zombies.
  • Multiplayer beta being considered, with added winky face.
  • Create a Class 2.0 will allow you to customise kits and appearance as well as perks. Super badass.
  • A new weapon mentioned is the M202 ‘Grim Reaper’ rocket launcher.
  • Your character will have a voice.

That’s basically it folks. More news soon, hopefully we’ll see some gameplay of it at E3, although it does look to be shaping up.


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