Why I will never trade in Burnout Paradise

Burnout Paradise is still sitting on my shelf since it’s release, and with all the latest racers that have been out for quite a while now, you would have thought that I would have got rid of it. But yet, it’s still here, and I just don’t want to trade it in. Why?

Well here’s why. Since the release of Burnout Paradise back in the beginning of 2008, all of the major racing titles that have been successful, not one of them was an open world game. They were all linear racers, where you were confined to a track and it was more “professional”. Also, there never seemed to be the sheer brutality in any of these racers that Burnout brought to the table, where you can ram cars into the sides or land on their roof to score a takedown. Nope, just simple, plain old racing in non fictional cars.

Having games with non fictional cars is a disadvantage in my opinion. You will never get the chance to experiment, like Burnout did, where they took DLC to the next level, adding in levitating cars, toy cars, and cars that drove so fast they did a wheelie on take off. Sticking to cars that exist can only get you so far before they get boring, but Burnout and its fictional manufacturers really shone. With every new car released, there was something unique and exciting about it.

Not only that, but I’m hardly a big fan of racing games where you are confined to the single track. Even racing in Burnout Paradise let you explore, giving you a start and a finish line, and the goal was to get there, taking whatever route you liked, no restrictions. Sometimes the longest route was indeed the quickest? Maybe, taking a cut down one road was quicker? If anything, Burnout was certainly more fast paced than most racers.

Also, the online was amazing. Easy way to enter the lobby, the whole city was for you and your friends to explore, you could set up races whilst still driving and there were absolutely loads of challenges to do online.

Now the next open world racer to release will be Test Drive Unlimited 2, as Criterion are currently working on the next Need for Speed, which I hope they bring the same realm of creativity with them into the franchise that they did with Burnout. Great job Criterion, I don’t plan on Burnout Paradise leaving my shelf until at least the next Burnout game.


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