Dead Space 2, Medal of Honour, Dragon Age coming to iPhone? – UPDATE

EA have released their schedule for the fiscal year of 2010 to 2011 for handhelds and mobiles, and it contains quite a few interesting games.

Medal of Honor is set to come to handhelds and mobiles at the same time as the game’s console release, and Dead Space 2 will also be coming to portable devices in early 2011. Also, the yet to be announced Dragon Age title, due out in 2011, is also mentioned on this list too.

Does this mean we will see these blockbuster releases in miniature form or will they simply be just going to DS and PSP? I for one would welcome all three titles on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

UPDATE: The fiscal year schedule also states a new Need for Speed title, yet to be announced, in the Fall/Winter 2010 period. This is most likely the title Criterion are working on, but it suggestive that the next NFS will release this year.

iPod Touch


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