My Xbox 360 has been Red Deaded

Red Rings of Death

This is a common sight for nearly half of 360 gamers.

Saturday afternoon, I was extremely pumped and ready to stay out of the fantastic weather because I had finally got my copy of Red Dead Redemption, after a few trade ins which I got ridiculous prices for. In it goes into my disk tray! After installing it, I finally jumped into Single Player.

It was all beautiful, until after I killed some rabbits, the girl shouted “Coyote!” and BOOM! The screen went black. Looking at my Xbox 360 curiously, the two red rings of evil flashed up, indicating that my console had overheated. I thought I’d leave it a few hours before continuing.

Several hours later, at the exact same point in the game, it overheated. Trying several times, it always seemed to overheat at 10 minutes into playing. I have tried everything, it is inĀ a well ventilated spot, none of my other games overheat my console, so the only explanation is that Red Dead Redemption is giving my 360 a kick in the crotch every time it gets up.

So what am I supposed to do? After a flick through forums and Google, several people are experiencing the same problems – on both consoles. So I really don’t know what to do. RockstarĀ haven’t commented on the issue and whether or not they are working on a fix, I don’t know whether to return the game for a new copy, get a new Xbox or repair my Xbox! Until I hear word from Rockstar I can’t do much, and I’m going on holiday in less than a week, so I would like to play it considerably before then.


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2 Responses to My Xbox 360 has been Red Deaded

  1. Dazzozo says:

    Getting a new Xbox would probably be cheaper than repairs.

  2. Vanessa says:

    dude, my xbox just died like a month ago too. it’s a plague on the bloggers! hopefully you held off on getting one and can get the new slim version!

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