I don’t think I can wait much longer!

Since hearing the news that Mirror’s Edge on iPhone was coming “any day now”, a day before my birthday in which I got an iTunes card I’ve been chipping away at ever since, saving a considerable amount left for when the game releases, a rough estimate at what I think it will be (£5.99), but nearly two weeks after that article, nothing has hit the App Store and I think that EA need to set realistic time scales. Either that, or Apple are trying to build boring hype for the game, which guess what Steve Jobs? It ain’t working, in fact I might decide to give up soon, this iTunes credit is burning a hole in my virtual pocket.

So what’s the hold up? The game got delayed twice. The first time it was supposed to release in January 2010 and got pushed back to Early 2010 to speed up work on the iPad version which released in April. I suppose the time between the iPad release and now can be counted as the second delay, and as this news comes, I really wouldn’t be surprised it it got delayed again. Don’t get me wrong, I can wait for a game, Portal 2 has been delayed into 2011 and I can accept that because I know that Valve will do a fantastic job with the game, more time will make it better.

But what confuses me is how hard can it be? Back in December 2009 the trailer was out for the iPhone version and it looked very near completion. In March 2010, hands on with the game on sites such as TouchArcade looked near flawless and ran incredibly smoothly. I get it – you’ve completed the iPad version, but what else have you got to do? Create more levels? Surely it can’t be hard to convert it to a universal application, making the changes here and there. Interested to know what has been going on for the past two months with the game.

But then again, it’s EA. It’s not the first delay we’ve ever seen.


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