So before I joined Twitter I used to be a Pokemon nerd. No, not those nerds that just sit in the corner and occasionally twitch shouting “derp”, a fan of a really addictive game is a better way to put it. I joined Pokemon Diamond Clans forum back in September 2007 and made some great friends. We all had a similar passion – graphics. Userbars, signatures, avatars, logos, we made it alright, and we did it together through the Canvas Clan. Shortly after my departure the Canvas Clan unfortunately closed and a year or so later, I made contact with one of my friends from the forum.

They’d been spending the majority of their time since I left on DeviantART, and after looking at her work, she sure is an amazing artist, doing fan art and signatures. So, trying to get back into the swing of things, I joined DeviantART and decided to give graphics another go. Firing up GIMP, I set on my quest to retain graphical awesomeness… and I crashed and burned. My sigs turned out to be as awful as Raoul Moat’s choice of hiding (next to a river… you won’t get far then mate) and so I tried out some tutorials.

I could easily understand the tutorials but the end result was just horrible. Whether it be that the render never worked well, my smudging, placement of brushing wasn’t effective, I don’t know, but they sure as hell looked nothing like the result the tutorial creator had gotten. So after a bit of experimentation on my own, I finally got this. Not bad for a returner, eh?

The Last Hope

Do NOT use, redistribute without my permission.

To check out my DeviantART page and future works, go here.

Thank you and god speed.


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