Sexy New Xbox 360 Is Sexy

Just grabbed myself the new Xbox 360 Slim. Accidentley left Battlefield: Bad Company 2 in my old, traded in one, but we rang GAME and I’m going back on Sunday to get it. Boy, it’s great to finally play for a decent amount of time without the console exploding.

It is so quiet. You cannot hear it when playing an Arcade game or installed Retail game, it’s so quiet. The On and eject buttons are both touch sensitive, and more vents mean less overheat. Great purchase, still a bit curious as to what to spend my last £40 on; Singularity, Crackdown 2 or Microsoft Points. The latter I’ll probably need more, seeing as the Summer of Arcade starts next week, kicking off with Limbo.

This is Ben, rounding off your read.


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One Response to Sexy New Xbox 360 Is Sexy

  1. Kat says:

    I got the new xbox for my hubbys birthday, though it came in handy for me to. I love it. Luckily you got your game back, I nearly lost COD4.

    Fingers crossed the system is more stable. My 8th xbox!!

    Twitter @purrrfect_10

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