Weekly Gaming Fanart – 1st Edition

Hello there stranger, welcome to a new weekly feature on my blog where I highlight five pieces of gaming fanart from popular art sharing site DeviantART for your viewing pleasure, and to get those artists slightly more recognition.

1) Bioshock by wildlifehoodoo

This piece of fanart is very detailed and captures the wonderful joys that a Big Daddy and a Little Sister spend together throughout the spiralling maze of Rapture! Right before they stab a needle in a dead corpses’ head and drink Adam from their DNA. That’s Bioshock for ya.

2) Mirror’s Edge by Claw333Ayane

Mirror’s Edge, one of my favourite games, and this fan art captures Faith, the main character of the game beautifully. I’m not sure what’s going on in the background though, I think they’re people. Funny, because Runners don’t exactly spend much time on the streets, I mean, you try jumping off a building in the game, it’s like the first Spider Man game all over again.

3) Red Dead Redemption by patrickbrown

Another beautiful piece of fan art accurately portraying the main character John Marston; just shoot everything in sight. Would it kill you to play the game nicely? Anyway, i swear that I saw this not long back in this special fan art pull out booklet in an issue of GamesMaster. Nice anatomy there, too.

4) Mass Effect by EspenG

You look at this fan art, and you wish that this was the box art for the game. Simply beautiful, but I get the feeling that Shepard looks like a beat up version of Dwayne Johnson. Either way, this is simply amazing, now if only Thane would move out the way so we could see more of Miranda’s booty… I’m just kidding! She’s too far away anyway.

5) Halo, Master Chief by adonihs

Last but not least, a very detailed portrayal of Master Chief kicking ass once again, this time standing over an Elite in pride and victory, making all those grunts run for their lives. If this particular fan art came to life, the majority of it would be Master Chief teabagging the Elite. What? He’s in the right position for it! Either way, simply spectacular.


So as you can see, I’m not exactly one for spotting artistic detail, I’m more of an admirer myself. Anyway, fantastic fan art from all five artists, I highly recommend you check out their other work on DeviantART and if you have an account, fave them and give them each a watch.

That concludes the first edition of Weekly Gaming Fanart, I’ll be back next weekend with more fan art goodness.


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